The Puppet Master


Centuries of years have passed by and thousands of people have fallen to the trickery of satanic disguise, becoming eventual victims of satanic manipulation. Peter wrote to the believers to be sober, vigilant, and ready to resist the devil because he was on a mission to devour any careless prey. Many Christians have lost their sense of spiritual alertness and have become like puppets in the hands of a puppeteer, who moves them wherever he likes in synchrony to his tune. Eventually he directs them to their own destruction by setting individuals against each other, husbands against wives, pastors against church members, and people against God. Then he exits the scene, leaving the manipulated ones with great remorse. Many great unions, families, ministries, industries, companies, and more have collapsed because of Satan’s unchecked manipulations. This book throws necessary light on a neglected subject and equips believers with an appropriate spiritual awareness in order to not become a victim of the puppet master.