The Mystery of the Prophetic


The Prophetic Ministry is one of the fivefold ministries given by Jesus to the church for Edification, Sanctification and Equipping of the Saints of God. Like any other gift of God of men, the Prophetic Ministry is governed by certain spiritual laws, critical among them being dispensational times and relationships. As such each dispensational prophet functioned differently from the other; Isaiah was different from Elijah, and Amos from Jeremiah, not because one was more anointed, but because of the dispensational intercourse that existed between God and men at the times they each operated.

Today, many Christians, lacking this understanding have sold themselves to prophets for what they could achieve personally through the Spirit of life, and several prophets are also trying to behave like Elijah or Moses. Both are pathetic, and lead to a mockery of the Prophetic Ministry because of the prophetic dispensational misappropriation.

This book throws the necessary light on this growing canker in the ministry today and reveals God’s mind for His people.