The Mockery of the Prophetic


The Prophetic Ministry is one of the fivefold ministries given by Jesus to the church for Edification, Sanctification and Equipping of the Saints of God. Although, a very unique gift among the fivefold ministries, it has lately become the most abused and infiltrated. Many people have stepped out to declare “Thus sayeth the Lord” when He has not spoken to them. At the other spectrum is also a group of believers who have ignored the basic truths in the Word of God and now lust after prophecies.

These two groups have created a vicious cycle of abuse and many have been made to stumble in the process. This has created several middlemen between believers and God, and the masses continue to drift further away from God, while they pursue these supermen prophets to answer their every need. This is pathetic and has led to a mockery of the Prophetic Ministry. This book throws the necessary light on this growing canker in the ministry today and reveals God’s mind for His people.