The Benefits of the Prophetic


The Prophetic Ministry is an extraordinary ministerial office given to us by God. While the simple gift of prophecy serves to edify, sanctify and comfort, those of the office of the prophet could go a step further into predicting future events, solving supernatural mysteries, uncovering demonic plots and releasing people from bondage.

Many people have benefited from receiving and relating to the prophet of God. Homes have been saved, families reunited, sicknesses healed, oppression broken, debts paid and even the dead brought back to life. These and many more are some of the profits of the prophetic. But one would have to receive the prophet to benefit from these blessings. Consequently, there are certain principles one would have to adhere to, to be able to maximize their gains from the prophet and the prophetic ministry. These principles will also help teach the individual how to escape from any form of abuse by the prophet and also ensure they don’t equally abuse the prophet or his office too.

While many such abuses have occurred in the prophetic ministry, an awareness to the decorum of the prophetic ministry is gaining momentum. This book is one of such campaigns aimed at throwing more light on how to relate to and receive the prophet of God without abuses.